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Family Welcome Guide

Family portraits welcome & info guide


I am SO thrilled that you have chosen to book a session with me!  I want you to know that you choosing me as your photographer means the world to me. I know how valuable your time and investment are. My promise to you is to give you a positive, memorable and relaxed experience that will result in images that will be treasured for generations to come. Most families say they are surprised at how fun and easy my sessions are. My hope is that you will be as prepared as you can for your session. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I can't wait to create memories for you & your loved ones.

The ins & outs

I like to think of my style as directed lifestyle, where I place your family into loose poses and then direct you to do certain things to make them your own.  I strive to capture a variety of emotions during my sessions.  I love to capture joyful images and those will take up the majority of your gallery but I also think that there is something special in the quiet and intimate moments.  Mainly I want to capture your family at this moment in time so that you remember all the little details.

I like to work with light a lot during my sessions, as I think it adds another element to your images and a lot of the time it is what guides me during my sessions.  Whether in the studio or on location, lighting is key! I select my locations, backdrops, and time of our session based on light because I feel like location very much adds to the overall story.

I am never going to ask you to be anything but yourselves!  More often than not, moms are super nervous about whether or not their children are going to cooperate during the photo session. I know, I have been in your shoes!  But here is the thing, I want your child to come as they are!  

Preparing for your session!

During your pre-consultation we will discuss specific location selection, wardrobe selection, and answer any questions you have.

Custom photography is unique because not only does it capture what you look like at a certain point in time, it captures who you are. I aim to capture honest photos of your family and children. The goal is not to get a stiff and posed shot with everyone looking at the camera, but to capture the true essence of your family. Here are a few tips and answers to my frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your session with me.

Location: Together, we will decide on the best location for your photos. I primarily shoot in my studio in Mountain Home, Idaho. Sometimes I will have themed sessions that can be location based. I have many locations that I love to shoot at regularly but I am always open to new locations as well. I can help you along with this decision and send you blog posts that show different locations.  I normally don't decide on a location until the week of your session so that I can scout the spot to be sure it has everything we need.

Time: The best thing about shooting in studio, is we can schedule a shoot anytime without having to worry about chasing light. Monday-Friday 9-1pm are when we schedule our photoshoots. Due to the fact that I am a wedding photographer, weekends have limited availability.
For outdoor shoots, we will begin either in the early morning or in the evening. The light is typically too harsh mid day. If your children are up for it, shooting one to two hours before sunset provides gorgeous light and atmosphere.  It is my favorite time of the day to shoot! The images in my portfolio look the way they do largely because of my use of light and the time of day your session takes place has a huge impact.  

Length Of Session: The good news is, I am super efficient. I’ve been a photographer for over 13 years.  My custom family portrait sessions rarely last more than an hour.  Don't worry, I can easily get a diverse and adequate gallery in that time.  My limited edition sessions or themed sessions have a time slot availability and in order to respect everyone’s scheduled time, I stay within the time allotted.

What To Wear: Wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I do not recommend matching but rather coordinating. What this means is pick colors that compliment each other rather than a specific color. You will also want to stay away from large logos or graphics as they are distracting and can date a photograph.  I am happy to consult you directly on wardrobe and will be happy to give advice if you want to text me some pictures of outfits you are thinking about.  My Pinterest page also has a tons of great ideas and a lot of my past clients on my blog can give great ideas as well!

Props: I will incorporate chairs or quilts, but for the most part I do not use props during my sessions. 

Your Children: Just a few things to consider on getting off on the right foot - have your children well fed before your session, possibly adjust nap time if necessary, dress them appropriately and tell them you are all coming to meet a friend of yours who will be taking pictures of you having fun together. Bring snacks or treats to help them if you feel it would help. Setting the mood ahead of time will help things go smoothly with little ones!  If meltdowns happen, I have found it is best if we just give the children time to relax and try to capture their natural self. Don't worry if your child is running about and active, most of the images you see of young children on my site were captured while the child or toddler was busy playing and exploring. To get the family shots, I usually direct the adults to simply "be" with the child, or hold the child and we go from there.  I try to incorporate lots of snuggles, games and fun so that we keep things moving, especially for toddlers!

Please arrive on time or be ready to start on time: It is important that we start on time.  Please plan for traffic or parking constraints.  It's best to arrive early.  

After Your Session!

How long does it take to get my gallery?  
I pride myself in a quick turn around time.  No one wants to wait months to see the photos from their gallery.  You will receive a link to your proof gallery three business days from your session date. You will select your favorite images to be processed & I will deliver your gallery within 2 weeks from the date you selected your images.

Why don’t you show all the images?  
I will take many more pictures in a session than I need to ensure there will be a wide array of quality pictures in your gallery.  I do not provide unedited pictures.   Some images are not included due to blur from subject movement, eyes closed, goofy faces, etc.  Part of the service I provide, is culling through all the images to pick the ones that are the best.  I also feel that too many images can be overwhelming.  You are paying for my “artistic eye” and my goal is to give you a creative piece of art, not just a picture.  I assure you that I will not leave a beautiful image out just because you have reached your gallery limit.

When will I get my digital images? 
All of the digital images that you purchase are full resolution, non-logo’d version of the photo(s) and are delivered via the same link we used for proofing.  Upon checkout, you should receive an email from me with a link to download the files.  You must download the images to your computer before your gallery expires.  The high resolution images are for personal printing purposes only and a print release will be included with your download.  I only proved a USB with your image on it if you purchase all hi-resolution image packages.

When will I get my prints and/or album? 
Once I receive your order, I review it and send it to my professional print lab for processing.  Because it can take up to two weeks to process a print or album order, I normally have all orders shipped within 3 weeks of the date you placed your order.  If there is a size or wall gallery that you are interested in, I would love to discuss any questions you may have on what might look best in your space!

Copyright vs Print Release? What is involved in the copyright?
With all of my digital images, you will receive a Print Release.  Here is a little bit more information explaining the difference between a copyright and print release. When a photographer creates an image, it is automatically copyrighted and protected per The Copyright Law – USC Title 17. This gives the photographer (creator of the image) exclusive right to copy, edit, print, distribute, post on facebook, blog, etc. These rights make it illegal for anyone else (even if you are in the image) to copy, scan, edit, print, or distribute any versions of the images (printed or digital) without the photographer’s permission. This is a Federal Law and can be prosecuted as such. Illegally downloading, screen capturing, watermark removing, or altering the images in ANY way is strictly prohibited. When you purchase any digital package from me, you are getting a print release, not a copyright release. I still own the photos and the copyright, but you are free to take the images and get as many prints as you would like, in any size.  If you only purchase prints, you may not make copies of the images to share with family. If at any time you have any questions, please reach out to me